Fluid Typography Standards

Type should be REM/Percentage based to breakpoints that include APP/Games
Type Scale by Jeremy Church

Webflow adds to Figma

Build out an API/Typescript/Forms and Vanilla UI/UX Design State and include Vanilla Animation
Start with a Figma/XD file or just start with Webflow. The exported animation is usable code that can convert to React, VUE, Svelte, 11ty in a few clicks. Preview and share in Code Sandbox.

You can make a layout in REMs/Percentage/VH and VW combinations and cropped images but you cannot demonstrate progressive page resize.

You can combine jQuery, Custom Libraries, Sliders, GSAP, Three JS with Native CSS Animations

Forms can have State Success Error Redirect. Vue Validation and Vanilla Data can post to API/Blockchain exports wallets. You can include Vue, React and export to MPAs and Next JS

API Collections and Database design can be included

Fonts Google, Adobe, Custom can be exported with Github Built CDN

SVG and Animations can be framed in interactive div/flex/grid containers

Previews and Collaboration can include easy image and copy swap outs

You can "use" the animation in Webflow, vs. Principle Animation that has to be rebuilt

Global / Scoped naming conventions can be created and published on a private non breaking CDN a privately hosted "Storybook"

Add Entitlement/oAuth/SEO hooks and links to Any CMS / API

Add naming conventions of any Atomic Design Library (including Tailwind). Export Atomic Design with CSS Reset and Normalizer that will fix CSS breaks for legacy browsers

Convert to Next JS or 11ty Git Hosted Fully Shippable Code with easy CI CD Pipeline
I'm happy to screen share/network. You can export Webflow to Next JS and or 11ty hosted on Jamstack with Collections. Utilize Open Source/Github file serving for Real Time API and Image / Pixel Tracking serving. Code Export Pixel Perfect export Figma/Duplicate can be used in any Framework, CMS, ERP, Enterprise Workflow with API/Gates that can work within Rate Limitations. Use as a CDN, Standalone Digital Asset Management System, or Dynamic Collection Builder for bespoke CRM/Drop Ship/Inventory Tracking/CMS with as much ease as Wordpress with token based security.

I don't use Webflow, because I can't use React. I use Webflow before I set up React/Next.


YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

UX Tools Linting and Tree Shaking

CSS Tree Shaking and Usability Tools that help with compliance and Content Creation with Webflow export. HTML/CSS/JS can live anywhere. Images are source set and can load to open source Git Based Asset Management, that serves any CMS, CRM, Native React Based Build Automation. SASS builds strip out logic and Order of Execution. This should be done BEFORE code handoff with the Content Stakeholders and User Acceptance Testing. The standards and requirements should be in a Living Copy Deck and Functional Deck that accompanies Design Spec.

This Blog Dual publishes to Webflow and to CI CD directly to build on Vercel/and or Netlify. Similar build system can be set up for dynamic content strategy, proof of concept, Wordpress publish, iteration/naming pipeline. Proof of Concept export can also support static Web 3 DAPP, PWA publish and Mobile Builds.
Compliance Page Optimized Linters
Compliance Page Optimized Linters


YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

Asset Management

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

HTML/CSS/JS basics

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds


Cheatsheet for core CSS

Download PDF