YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds
Fetch (Server to Client Side Data Calling - GraphQL, Groq, Vanilla Fetch)

-Source Set Image Hosting
-Naming Conventions
-Non Destructive Multi Channel Site/App Refreshes

Security / Gated Membership setup
-Token Managed (oAuth) - you can set up oAuth with secure Data Store in Webflow Export with process.env in a filesystem
-Magic Link single link email link
-Web 3 (Metamask Wallet)
-Human Centered Identity Verification

Code Version Control and Rollback

Moderation and BI (GA4, Event Hooks)

Scaling and Deployment with SSL

Webflow (Builder.io, Plasmic, or handbuilt/Tailwind) Vanilla Export - can include oAuth/Membership and PCI/HIPAA compliant Stores (Retool, Xano, Supabase, n8n-has prebuilt adaptors to Salesforce API).

If you purchased Salesforce Marketing and or Commerce Cloud, with the assumption, that a CRM would be included and don't want the expense or technical debt of a full out Salesforce Build, build an equal to Salesforce with GREATER security utilizing API Swagger based endpoint/type modeling like Xano, with unlimited/nested APIs *and* background tasks for the APIs (Enterprise) that rate limit. If you also want to add a form to E Commerce (Shopify, Magento, SF Commerce, a custom app like a bundler/variant swatch image/custom css color PIM) utilize free to use "headless" data stores: I love the team at Xano. They will help you out with hands on sessions. Even if you cannot code, attend one of their Tuesday/Thursday work shops.

Security Risk
and Data Breaches in E Commerce are related to insecure ORM data passed via Plugin Systems. If you are engineering E Commerce "guardrail" plugins and dependencies to trusted API secure data, with PCI/HIPAA compliant data tools: cloaked Tokens, curl based gateways, nested data, real time moderation, security logic (if this breach, moderation, condition occurs, run this logic/function). Even if you are depending on "legacy" security: passwords, 2 factor authentication, anything that is machine based 1 size fits many access, with intent a sentient machine algorithm will be able to disable it. Utilize Human Based "unbreakable" UX. Magic Link with 1 time passcodes, Twitter based proof of verified human access request-like koii coin request (a great request for token system).

2 Factor Authentication is only as secure as the identity of your weakest link, and subject to breach with ever increasing "hacked personal accounts" or "shared" logins/membership gating. If your centralized database is broken, the damage is irreparable. If you break an API/Headless based data stream, you are only breaking the security to the single IP, that has shared data machine to machine. Decentralize, entitlement and utilize membership best in class curation methods.

Utilize Code Sandbox (Parcel compile). This is a IDE in the cloud with secure "deploy" to Headless Serving (Vercel, Netlify) and load node dependencies on the fly. Share and test Frameworks, examine architecture, without code/syntax/familiarity. Great Learning tool. Excellent for collaboration. Free to use. Can be utilized for Prototyping and then push to Enterprise Gated Code Shipping AGILE workflows works with (Private, Personal, Enterprise).

Database - Data Type Modeling - "Store"
If you have an E Commerce (Magento, SF Commerce, Shopify) and need a CRM or EDI Endpoint convert static to 11ty (Supports Liquid and Go Templates-with CSS, JS, HTML watch and minification) with Collections: Users, Transactions, UPC/GTIN, hooks to Google OAuth/Data Layer, Stripe APIs.

Model Data in Client Packages with Sanity or Webflow and secure key cloaking in Xano. Manage gated file system with oAuth.

There are non destructive ways to minify and streamline compact code. Utilize collaboration and review program management with Code Sandbox, Webflow with linked APIs exports to 11ty/Next, Netlify Graph, Groq in Sanity, Addons and Functions in Xano. All lo code and integrates to CI CD.

Randomized Entitlement

Setting up API based PCI/HIPAA grade Entitlement

Randomized with personalization for greater security

Utilize combination of gated content access for randomized "human" verified logins. Combination of oAuth and single use Magic Link prevents imposter / shared or hijacked password access to gated content. Share with timed and IP specified access role moderation for LOCK Tight, security.

Human Verify with single use links/event hooks to prevent shared or compromised password access to gated wrapper for secure transfer of highly private content.
YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise BuildsLink to Xano
Build connectivity UX in Webflow/Builder export to Vanilla, use everywhere (Salesforce, AEM, Pega, Shopify, React/VUE/Svelte/Astro Stack....)


vue based caching app dev

Use this as a persistent "store" for applications/guardrails that do not allow external data: Shopify, SAP, AEM, Salesforce. Build token secure EDI and CRMs without full buildout of the duplicate feature stack: Salesforce, ERP, SAP.


YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds


YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

Asset Management

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

HTML/CSS/JS basics

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds


Cheatsheet for core CSS

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