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App Builder VUE Logic/Gating on top of Webflow

  • 1. gate content

    Manage Access Control and Usability with easy to use tools. Create UI/UX in real time. Test and then reformat. Content and Design is managed by Marketers and Designers before Tech Team, if required is involved.

    2. connect to multiple data endpoints

    1 click data source can include: Xano, Airtable, Supabase, Firebase, any REST based Data management. Create Logic and User Flows in Real Time.

    3. connect to Webflow

    Utilize existing Webflow Fonts, Image, Compliance, SEO tools in place

    4. manage logic and conditions

    Generate conditional Usability and Private Dashboard publishing, conditions and previews

    5. manage class UI/UX

    Change state class, design and usability with Actions and Events that are CSS and Web Standards that work with Machine Read transformations. Simultaneously develop for Web, Device, Machine and Platform. Direct Data with Logic and stateful parameter settings, and conditions.
Moving from Bubble to Wized, is recommended because: Webflow's Font, Design, and Accessibility Managers are more current. Wized can link to multiple Databases that are collaborative. Templates and prebuilt options are readily copied and cloned. Content Management is not closed and has Client Editing capabilities. If you'd still like to use Bubble for Gating Content. Webflow Collections as a data resource is available in both Xano and Native Bubble. Collections and Editing can sync across all resource managers in real time.

Xano can also connect to real time React Builders like: React Studio,

We Web provides Vue based export that can link to Xano, Supabase, Retool API protocols and modeling function stacks.

Angular, Vue, Compiled Svelte can also be utilized inside Vanilla 11ty, Astro, Webflow Prototyping Stacks.



YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

Asset Management

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds

HTML/CSS/JS basics

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds


Cheatsheet for core CSS

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